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Brand identity

A rebranding and brand identity creation project

With more than a decade in business, a traditional insurance company felt the need to
revitalise its visual, graphic and online presence. Thus, we began the development of a new
visual identity for CJ Seguros.

Logo and Identity

CJ Seguros already had a logo, but after 10 years the need was felt for a rebranding, taking into account everything the company had built in the past and what it aspired to expand into its future.

The logo that represented the Titan Atlas fighting with the world on his shoulders, gave way to the symbol of the box and the dragonfly, representing dynamism, pragmatism and stability - key features that bring prestige to the company.

Colour palette

The company has always made use of the colour purple as its identity. To preserve what has already been consolidated in the public mind, we simply strengthened and darkened this colour, making it more sober and imposing. To add more originality to the palette, we added shades of aqua-green, which brought a certain vivacity and dynamism to the colour palette.


The main typography of CJ Seguros is Jost Semibold, which aims to convey a solid and institutional image, with a touch of lightness and functionality.

Montserrat typography is used as a secondary typeface, in subtitles and smaller texts, as it provides better legibility.


Based on the visual identity, we developed new graphic materials that accompany the rebranding of the brand.

The new business cards, folders and envelopes are just the first materials we have created, already providing a new visual experience for the client.

website creation


We redesigned the entire website, implementing a more fluid visual language where the visual identity not only served as inspiration, but also became fundamental in the entire experience that the customer will have when accessing it to find the best insurance plan. In addition to incorporating the new colours and the new symbol, the fluidity of the interface and elements act as an extension of the visual identity within the website, as planned.

Little Pieces of Love

Pedacinhos d'Amor is a family-run haberdashery, where each product is created with love, care and dedication.


Depilis is an aesthetics clinic specializing in laser and skin care. A haven for those looking to take care of themselves and improve their quality of life.

Cj insurances

CJ Seguros is a company committed to finding the best insurance solutions available on the market for each of its clients.

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