Yours Branding it must be as special as your business.

Branding = Creation of the brand's main visual elements, such as the logoto identify the product in the digital and physical environment.

Branding - Cliente

Little Pieces of Love

Pedacinhos d'Amor is a family-run artisan haberdashery. The client asked us for branding, including a professional logo that reflected the brand's values.

Branding - Cliente Depilis


Depilis is an aesthetic clinic specialising in laser and skin care. The brand asked us for a branding that reflected the concern for skin care that clients seek when looking after themselves.

Marketing Digital

Cj insurances

CJ Seguros is a company committed to finding the best insurance solutions available on the market. The client wanted a logo that would "uncomplicate" insurance and reflect the humanisation behind such a serious subject.

Need a logo?

When is a good Branding can you help?

Emphasises values and personality

The brand needs a representation of its values and personality and a picture is worth a thousand words

Create a unique brand

The brand needs to differentiate the products from the competition, the personality of your brand will make it a market reference

Brand positioning

The brand needs to position itself appropriately and retain new customers. It's important to create a mental space in your customer's head

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O Branding assists in the creation of the logo but is reflected in all the brand's communication. Logo - Website - Social Media...

1. Briefing and Moodboard

At the start of the process, we get information
through a detailed briefing, so that our team can take an X-ray of the brand and define a moodboard that will be
the point of reference throughout the creation process.

3. Colour palette and typography

With the symbol defined, we move on to a colour palette that highlights the brand value, as well as typography and shapes that reinforce the desired visual language for the business.

2. Visual concept study

Based on the moodboard, we develop the logo, as well as the colour study, graphics and typography that will be sent for approval. This is the moment when we define the visual identity as a whole, subject to changes as necessary.

4. Finalisation and dispatch

After final approval of the completed material, we send all files in high quality so you can use them later in any medium, whether digital or printed. In addition, we provide a brand manual with all the necessary instructions for the correct use of the visual identity.

See our work in action here

This is the result of our work for CJ Seguros - an insurance brokerage company.

The client had a template logo who could not register and asked us to create something single that would meet the personality from brand.

Website - Cliente CJ Seguros

Frequently Asked Questions

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In general, the speed is based on the workload of our team, if we have a specialist available who can start the task immediately, it will take between 3 - 4 weeks. Anyway, first of all we need to collect the briefing information to start the project.

All the visual identity is made based on a detailed briefing to be sent to the client. Therefore, the construction of the logo is made with ideas, symbols and references already pre-approved by the client.

It depends, whether the customer already knows what he is looking for or not.

Based on the briefing information we may or may not draft more than one logo for the client's approval.

All pieces created by The Media Bees are original pieces. Therefore, you can register your logo when you register the brand, without fear of penalty.

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